10 Minute Presentation Topics & Ideas

Today we are sharing best 10 Minute presentation topics ideas which can help you for your presentation. A good speaker can cover up all main point 10 minutes of speech or presentation. You can choose any topics for your presentation.

10 minute presentation topics

Following are the 10 Minute Presentation Topics & Ideas

Social & Political Topics

  • World Peace

  • Democracy on the onward march

  • War : An unmixed evil

  • The growing trend of terrorism

  • Has communism failed ?

  • Corruption in public life

  • Problems facing teenagers today

  • Right to work as a fundamental right—Its feasibility

  • Secular India

  • Your idea of integrated rural uplift


  • Population explosion


  • Fear is our worst enemy


  • Discipline or perish


  • Erosion of higher values


  • The industrious shall live


  • Humour in every day life


  • The crisis of character


  • The potential of poverty


  • Every cloud has a silver lining


  • Is life an empty dream ?


  • Unemployment


  • The happiest day of my life


  • United Nations

  • 5 Minutes Presentation Topics

Technology and Society

  • The Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence
  • Privacy in the Digital Age
  • The Impact of 5G Technology

Health and Wellness

  • The Mental Health Crisis: Breaking the Stigma
  • The Impact of Exercise on Physical and Mental Health

Global Issues

  • The Refugee Crisis and Global Responsibilities: Examine the challenges faced by refugees and discuss the international community’s role in providing support and solutions.
  • Achieving Gender Equality Worldwide: Discuss the progress and setbacks in achieving gender equality and the steps needed to create a more equitable society.

Environment and Sustainability

  • The Role of Individuals in Combating Climate Change
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Its Importance
  • Sustainable Agriculture for a Growing Population

Scientific and Environmental Topics

  • Scene after earthquake
  • Save trees
  • Water conservation
  • Water crisis
  • Science in everyday life
  • Global Warming: The cause effects and remedies
  •  Wildelife conversation
  • Plastic Money

Other Topics

  • The Effects of Divorce on Children
  • Alcoholism–A Disease
  • Internet and Its Effects
  • Advertisement and Its Importance
  • Effects of Social Networking
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Role of Women in Modern Society
  • Sex Education in Schools
  • STEVE JOBS – The Visionary and the Innovator
  • The Effects of Extreme Dependence on Computers
  • The Effects of Cell Phones on Society

Hope all this ten minute presentation topics ideas will help you for you topic selection.