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Formal Letter Writing Topics

Formal Letter Writing Topics

Following are the formal letter writing topics.

  • Write a letter to the controller of District Transport Authority complaining against the auto rickshaw drivers for charging excess fare.
  • Write a letter to the Chairman of your Municipality, complaining about the unsanitary condition of the locality in which you live and request him to take necessary steps in this matter.
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining against the frequent breakdown of electricity in your locality.
  • Write a letter to the Principal for bringing about some improvement in the working of school library.
  • Application to the principal regarding leaving the school and asking for Transfer Certificate.
  • Write a letter to the mayor of your city on behalf of the Principal of your school, requesting him to preside over a seminar on ‘School Education’ in your city.
  • Write a letter applying for the post of Computer Teacher.
  • Write a letter to the manager applauding the services provided by his company.
  • You are the President of block Panchayat. Write a letter to the Municipal Commissioner requesting him to open a dispensary in your village.
  • Write a letter of complaint against a bus conductor to the Delhi Transport Corporation.
  • Write a letter to the Mayor of your city requesting him for a children’s park in your locality.
  • Application to the transport supervisor of your school complaining about the bus conductor.
  • Application to the Principal requesting her to conduct extra classes for science.
  • Application to your class teacher requesting her to grant you a week’s leave.
  • Application to the Principal of your school for remission of fine.
  • Application to school administration requesting issuance of new identity card.
  • Application to the Principal of your school requesting him to grant you free studentship.
  • Application to head of the administrative department of the school requesting for transfer certificate.
  • Application to the administrative department of school requesting for caution money.
  • Application to a commercial firm in reply to an advertisement for a clerk.
  • To the Principal of your College, saying your father is sending you to England for technical education, and asking his advice.
  • To a newspaper complaining of the bad quality and inadequate supply of Municipal water in your town.

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