Digital Marketing Interview Questions For Freshers 2023

Top Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Fresher 2013 Updated

Today I share some digital marketing interview questions which can help you during interview. Many interviewer can ask such basic question of digital marketing. This Digital marketing interview question helps freshers. Every digital marketing student and professional must know this questions and there answer. This digital marketing communication interview question are prepared on general topics so everyone know there answer. After reading this questions definitely you can crack any digital marketing interview?

Digital Marketing Interview Question for SEO Profile:-

In this, we are sharing the most common interview questions for S.E.O profile. Most of the company hire the that candidate which is expert in S.E.O as well as content writer because yes most of the company take a English grammar test, written essay test for S.E.O profile. So be prepared for that.

Question 1: What is S.E.O?

Question 2: Explain the type of S.E.O?

Question 3: What is on-page and off-page S.E.O?

Question 4: Explain 10 on-page and off-page factors?

Question 5: What is the robot.txt file?

Question 6: What is google search console?

Question 7: Explain your strategy for creating back-links?

Question 8: Do you write contents for the website?

Question 9: How you rank up website ranking on google?

Question 10: What is Alt Tag and Meta Tags?

Question 11: Have you use any paid S.E.O tools like Semrushs, Ahref, Spyfu, etc.?

Question 12. What is sitemap.xml?

Question 13: Explain the tools which will you use for S.E.O?

Question 14: Which tool you will use for keyword research?

Question 15: What is a length of meta title and meta description?

Question 16: Which is the best plugin in WordPress for S.E.O?

Question 17: What is google panda and penguin algorithm update?

Question 18: Explain the recent major google algorithm update?

Digital Marketing Interview Question for PPC Executive, Search Engine Marketing Specialist(SEM Specialist), Google Ads Executive Profile:-

Question 1: What is google ads?

Question 2: Explain the difference types of extension available in google ads?

Question 3: What is the length of google ads title and description?

Question 4: Explain the difference between callout extension and call only extension?

Question 5: Explain the Google ads keyword match types?

Question 6: Tell me the difference between broad match and broad match modifier keyword match types?

Question 7: Do you about recent changes in Google ads, explain it?

Question 8: Explain the structure of Google ads?

Question 9: How many ads groups we create in one campaign?

Question 10: What is the best keyword match type for ads?

Question 11: Explain the dynamic ads, how we create?

Question 12 : Tell me about bidding strategy in google ads.

Question 13 : What is the difference between google search ads and google display ads?

Question 14 : What is audience in google ads?

Question 15: How to re-target audience?

Question 16: What is affinity audience and in market audience?

General Digital Marketing Interview Question:-

Question 1: According to you, what is digital marketing?

Question 2: Why you choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Question 3: Do you know about S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)?

Question 4: How you advertise our company on social media? Tell me in brief?

Question 5: Which tools you use to make poster and pamphlets?

Question 6: Which digital marketing medium is cheap and easy to advertise our company?

Question 7: Which Social Media is best for advertising and why?

Question 8: What is a different between Tradition Marketing and Digital Marketing?

Question 9: How you rank up website ranking on google?

Question 10: What is Alt Tag and Meta Tags?

Question Set 2

Question 1: Do you know about google webmaster tool?

Question 2: What is google analytics?

Question 3: What is Cost per click (Pay per Click)?

Question 4: Do you know how to run ads campaigns?

Question 5: What is Google AdSense?

Question 6: What is E-mail marketing?

Question 7: Do you know how to make beautiful email?

Question 8: Tell me something about Google Algorithms?

Question 9: What is keywords research?

Question 10: Do you know about contain writing?

Helping Hands:-

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