MBA Syllabus of Pune University 2023-24

MBA Syllabus of Pune University 2022-23 Today we are sharing New Revised MBA Syllabus of Pune University 2019-20. Recently Savitribai Phule Pune University, India change the MBA syllabus which is effective from 2019. Also we are sharing MBA syllabus of Pune University of 2016 Pattern. You can see and download the syllabus of MBA 1st … Read more

MBA Specializations In Pune University and their Affiliated Colleges

MBA Specializations in Pune University (2019 Pattern) Recently Pune University, changed their MBA syllabus. Specializations offered: The following specializations shall be offered as MAJOR / MINOR: 1. Marketing Management (MKT) 2. Financial Management (FIN) 3. Human Resources Management (HRM) 4. Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM) 5. Business Analytics (BA) The following specializations shall be … Read more

MBA Question Papers Pune University (Updated January 2023)

Previous Year MBA Question Papers Of Pune University We are sharing the MBA questions of Savitribai Phule Pune University 2016 pattern. You can easily download the following questions semester wise.. Pune University MBA Semester 1st Question Papers April 2019 Question Papers October 2018 Question Papers April 2018 Question Papers October 2017 Question Papers April 2017 … Read more

MBA Passing Marks in Pune University (Updated October 2023)

MBA Passing Marks in Pune University (2016 Pattern) Today we are sharing passing criteria for passing MBA examination of Pune University. There are different passing criteria for passing the MBA examination at Pune University. Online examination, theory paper, and college internal exam or analysis passing criteria. So, see how its work Pune University Conduct 100 … Read more

MBA Financial Management Syllabus Pune University

MBA Finance Syllabus Pune University Today we are providing complete mba finance syllabus of pune university which is divided into Semester wise along with text book and reference book guided by pune university. Finance Semester 1 Syllabus Accounting For Business Decisions Unit 1 Basic Concepts: Meaning of Business decisions and importance of business decisions. Forms … Read more