MBA Specializations in Pune University

Currently, Pune University, India providing 18 specializations in MBA, in which any student can choose one specialization according to their choice in there MBA academic year. A student can choose their specialization in the second year because the first year has common subjects for all students.

Savitribai Phule Pune University time to time review their MBA course program and make changes. They also add new specialization according to change in the industry, as per need. Pune University and their affiliated colleges provide following specialization.

mba specialization in pune university

Following Specializations shall be offered:
1. Marketing Management (MKT)
2. Financial Management (FIN)
3. Information Technology Management (IT)
4. Operations Management (OPE)
5. Human Resources Management (HR)
6. International Business Management (IB)
7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
8. Rural &Agribusiness Management (RABM)
9. Family Business Management (FBM)
10. Technology Management (TM)
11. Banking and Insurance Management (BIM)
12. Healthcare Management (HM)
13. Entrepreneurship Development (ED)
14. Services Management (SM)
15. Retail Management (RM)
16. Digital Media & Communication Marketing (MC)
17. Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM)
18. Defense Management (DM)

For More Information about specialization download complete MBA syllabus of Pune University in which Pune University provide detail information. Click Here