MBA Passing Marks in Pune University (2016 Pattern)

Today we are sharing passing criteria for passing MBA examination of Pune University. There are different passing criteria for passing the MBA examination at Pune University. Online examination, theory paper, and college internal exam or analysis passing criteria.

So, see how its work

Pune University Conduct 100 marks Examination in MBA each subject, and passing criteria divided into 3 parts

  1. Online Examination (MCQs)              – 20 Marks (Min. 6 marks for passing )
  2. Theory Paper                                       – 50 Marks (Examination Conducted By University)
  3. College Internal Examination            – 30 Marks (Examination Conducted By College)
  4. Total                                                      – 100 Marks (Min. 40 marks*T&C)

For passing Pune University MBA examination you need to fulfill all passing criteria to clear the exam.

    • MBA passing mark in Pune University is 40/100. 
    • Pune University takes 20 marks MCQS online examination in which you need to score at least 6 marks out of 20 marks which is 30% of 20 marks, otherwise, you failed in the entire semester. 
    • Suppose you get 5 Marks in online exam + 25 Marks in theory exam + 20 Marks in college internal exam = Total 50 Marks. And overall Pune University passing criteria marks is 40/100, but even you get 50 Marks in the examination and if you fail in the online exam means you failed in that entire semester. So, you must need at least 6 marks in the online examination and overall 40 marks out of 100 for passing examination.
    • If you only fail in online examination and get overall more than 40 marks in the examination. Then you should only need to attempt online examination in next semester no need to attempt theory paper.
    • There is a scale down system in Pune University Examination. Suppose if your college provides 25 internal marks to Pune University. And in the theory examination, you get only 20 marks then Pune University automatic scale down your college internal into 17-18. So try to get good marks in theory examination.

Pune university online examination passing mark is 6 marks (30% of 20 marks)

Above the following criteria of MBA passing marks in Pune University should be fulfilled by every MBA student to clear MBA Examination. 

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