Latest Group Discussion Topics

Today we are sharing  best trending group discussion topics for you. Which can help you for your interviews group discussion, college discussion, etc. This topics help you lot for preparing your self for latest gd topics. Hope this topics help you.

Group Discussion Topics

Following Are The Latests Group Discussion Topics.

  • Should FDI Be Welcome In The Indian Economy?
  • Is The Patents Bill Good for India?
  • Professionalism or Family Which Is More Important?
  • Does India Need More Entrepreneurs Than Managers?
  • Corruption Is the Price We Pay For Democracy
  • Is India Ready for E Commerce?
  • Social Networking Site A Boon Or Bane For The Society.
  • Terrorism – Can It Ever Be Morally Justified
  • Your View Towards The Trial By Media.
  • Inflation Good for The Economy?
  • Do you believe that urbanization is a good sign of progress?
  • Which is more informative: electronic media or print media?
  • Where should we spend more money – development or defense?
  • Is Science a blessing or a curse?
  • Do you support the disinvestment policy of the Government?
  • Do you think middle class people is the most happiest people?
  • Whether computer should be a compulsory subject in schools?
  • Our fashion is going towards westernization. Whether this should be encouraged?
  • Should there be prescribed educational standard for entry into politics?
  • Should women be given reservation in politics?
  • In view of change in our society, whether male child is necessary?
  • Which is more important in woman beauty or intelligence?

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