Step By Step Guide to Create Subdomain In Cpanel in Simple 10 Steps

Today I explain to you how to create a subdomain in cpanel just in simple 10 steps. It is very easy to create a subdomain. Before creating subdomain you remain some requirement you need a server space and domain. After that you able to create a subdomain. A top web hosting service provider like Godaddy, InMotion hosting, Namecheap, BigRock, Bluehost, etc provide a subdomain feature in their cpanel.

Step 1: Login to your Cpanel.

Step 2: Click on Subdomain.

Step 3: Enter your subdomain name which you want in Subdomain section. (Example: I choose mysubdomain as a subdomain)

Step 4: Select your main domain. (In my case I had only one domain so I choose that but you have more than one domain than you select that domain name.)

Step 5: Document Root automatic created by Cpanel but if you want to change them so you can enter specific document root.

Step 6: Click on the create button.

Step 7: After that, you get the confirmation message from Cpanel.

Step 8: Click on Go Back.

Step 9: Congratulations you successfully create the subdomain.

Step 10: If you want you to remove or delete your subdomain simply click on remove button.

After following these steps you can easily create a subdomain in cpanel.

Thank You

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